COM 202 Digital Aesthetics

Ann Street Studio – Origin of the Cinemagraph

Gregg Deal – Artist, Murals

Sister Corita Kent – Pop Art

Stella Maria Baer – Painting
Chris Ofili – Exploding The Crystal

Hilma af Klint – Guggenheim

Steve Lambert – Public Forum & Talk With Anyone

Taryn Simon  – Photographing Secret Sites

Lynda Barry – I Can’t Draw & The Near-Sighted Monkey

Andy Goldsworthy – Rivers and Tides or Leaning into the Wind

Yoko Ono – Cut Piece (MoMA) and Video

Jacob Lawrence – The Migration Series and this

Agnès Varda and JR – Faces Places on Netflix

Agnes Martin – Beauty is in Your Mind and How To Be An Artist

Nick Cave – Soundsuits and Interview

Terry Winters – On Painting

Elsa Dorfman – The B-Side on Netflix

Frank Chimero – Writing

Miksang – Contemplative Photography and this

The Practice of Contemplative Photography
Andy Karr and Michael Wood

Christoph Niemann – Illustrator. Abstract: The Art of Design Episode 1 on Netflix

Jeffrey Gibson – This is the Day

Cindy Sherman – Untitled Film Stills

Shilo Shiv Suleman – Using Tech to Enable Dreaming & Khoya

Amanda D’Amico – Activist Postcards

Caitlin Freeman – Modern Art Desserts

Platon Antoniou – Abstract: The Art of Design Episode 7

Yes Ma’am Press – The Dream Issue

Paula Scher – Abstract: The Art of Design Episode 6

James Turrell – Guggenheim & LACMA

Debbie Millman – Illustration

Jason Mecier – Food art gallery and video

Henri Matisse – Jazz and this

Sheila Hicks – Begin With Thread
Jet Martinez – Muralist
Max Siedentopf – Photographer

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