November 8 Modularity pages 167-185; Optional reading: Modular Design

Reading Presentation; Quiz #8; Discussion

November 10 Design Activity #8 Designing a new classroom module

Every design problem is completed within a set of constraints or limitations. A module is a fixed element used within a larger system or structure. How can you play with constraints to create something new?

Use the dimensions of a 40-foot shipping container to create a modular classroom of the future.

  • External Length: 40′ 0″ | 12.2m
  •                 Width: 8′ 0″ | 2.44m
  •                 Height: 8′ 6″ | 2.60m
  • Internal Length: 39′ 5″ | 12.03m
  •                 Width: 7′ 8″ | 2.35m
  •                 Height: 7′ 9 ″ | 2.39m
  • Internal Area of Container: 300 Square Foot | 28 Square Meters
  • Door Opening Width: 7′ 8″ | 2.34m
  • Door Opening Height: 7′ 5″ | 2.28m
  • Internal Volume: 2,385ft³ | 67.5m³
  • Weight: 8,360lb | 3,800kg


Use Autodesk Homestyler (Beta) to create a new modular classroom for the Communication Studies Department. Include correct dimensions, furniture, lighting, etc. Take 2D, or 3D snapshots or record your screen to share your designs. Option: There is also an older version of Homestyler available, with some different features, if you prefer.

When your design is finished, write a descriptive blog post about your experience. Include  1) 5+ clear and engaging images (photographs, screenshots) or a video of your work from the day’s design related activities and 2) a 100+ word write-up, video, or sound file (think short podcast) of what you achieved (or what you were working toward) from a design thinking perspective. Use vocabulary, concepts  and ideas from the week’s material. The blog post is due Sunday by midnight.