October 18 No class today.

October 20

Framing pages 116-127; Reading Presentation; Quiz #5; Discussion

Design Activity #5: Framing

Video: Golden Ration vs Rule of Thirds ; In Photography.

To read: Further Explanation  and Examples.

Rule of Thirds VS The Golden Ratio

In this activity you will use your original photography to examine both the rule of thirds and the phi grid.

Once you have taken your photos, import each photo into Photoshop. Layer the appropriate grid (rule or thirds or phi grid) on top of your image as a new layer. Crop and adjust your photo as needed. Adjust the transparency of the photograph to show the photographic image and the guiding image  “Save for web” with the phi grid or the rule of thirds.

Write a descriptive blog post about your experience. Include  1)  5+ clear and engaging images (photographs, screenshots) or a video of your work from the day’s design related activities and 2) a 100+ word write-up, video, or sound file (think short podcast) of what you achieved (or what you were working toward) from a design thinking perspective. Use vocabulary, concepts  and ideas from the week’s material. The blog post is due Sunday by midnight.


Rule of Thirds


Fibonacci Spiral


Phi Grid