Color Week 5 Color

COLOR.gifSeptember 27 Color pages 80-97; Reading Presentation; Quiz #4; Discussion

Color theory basics

Practice color theory:

Explore the story of color – via NPR.

Questions: 1) What is your “signature color” in HEX color code?  2) What would be the signature colors of your website? (at least three, in HEX)

Explore web apps: Paletton and Coolors  and Adobe Color  and Design Seeds

September 29 Design Activity #4: Color grading in Photoshop *Bring 1-2 headshots or close up portraits (jpg) or take one in class.

Use one of the five following practical tutorials to color tone your own image. Document your efforts throughout the activity.

Experiment with hue, value, and saturation, as well as analogous, complementary, and near complementary color juxtapositions to change the way your image appears. Through selective emphasis, some elements pull forward. Think about this for your post.

You can experiment with the Abobe Color Picker to see how color theory works in action with the drop down menu on the left. You can use the HEX codes (6 digit/letter color codes) under the color swatch to get the exact match. Other apps: PictaculousImage Palette.

Describe your learning in this activity in a blog post which includes,  1)  5+ clear and engaging images (photographs, screenshots) or a video of your work from the day’s design related activities and 2) a 100+ word write-up, video, or sound file (think short podcast) of what you achieved (or what you were working toward) from a design thinking perspective. Use vocabulary, concepts and ideas from the week’s material. The blog post is due Sunday by midnight.