Week 2 – Point, Line Plane


September 6 Reading: Point, Line Plane pages 33-47 Reading Presentation; Quiz #1; Discussion; Discuss photography for blogs.

Practice: Bezier Method. Practice this method before class on Thursday. Adobe Tutorial.


September 8  Design Activity #1: In this activity you will learn how to use the pen tool in Photoshop. Before you begin, you will need a selfie in a .jpg or .png format that you can import into PhotoShop. Follow along with Phlearn’s tutorial, pausing where you need to, until you master the steps. You might want to document your journey with screenshots or learning reflections.

Once you have completed the tutorial, create a blog post which includes,  1)  5+ clear and engaging images (photographs, screenshots) or a video of your work from the day’s design related activities and 2) a 100+ word write-up, video, or sound file (think short podcast) of what you achieved (or what you were working toward) from a design thinking perspective. Use vocabulary, concepts  and ideas from the week’s material. The blog post is due Sunday by midnight.