transparentNovember 1 Transparency pages 155-165′ Reading Presentation; Quiz #7; Discussion;

November 3 Design Activity

In this week’s design activity, you will write and illustrate/create a BuzzFeed article that incorporates a list or set of instructions. The goal of this activity is to write/illustrate accurate, concise, and clear instructions for your intended audience.

Before starting this assignment, please review the following article:

How I Made it to the BuzzFeed Front PageBuzzfeed Lists

You can choose any list task you like, provided it is appropriate for discussion in this class. This activity includes four required parts:

  1. A list of something  or short set of step-by-step instructions
  2. Graphics to accompany the instructions
  3. Join the Buzzfeed community and post to Buzzfeed
  4. Link to the article and write a reflective post on your blog

Create illustrations or graphics or photographs for the list or instructions. If you are borrowing graphics, they must be in the public domain. Use visual rhetoric effectively to communicate with your audience.

Blog: write a brief reflection on your experience.  Use some of the following questions to guide your reflection:


  • Conduct a rhetorical analysis of your article
  • What challenges did you face as you wrote the article?
  • What rhetorical appeals did you use as you wrote the list/instructions?
  • Was your first pass completely accurate? How do you know?
  • Does your list or instructions have value? Can anyone use your instructions? How do you know?
  • How do the visuals enhance the text effectively?

Include vocabulary, concepts  and ideas from the week’s material. The blog post is due Sunday by midnight.