• Do the readings ahead of time
  • Think about what kind of presentation would engage your peers
  • Use relevant examples/cases in the media to illustrate points
  • Use images, short video, slides (please upload to your blog before presentation)
  • Use aesthetically pleasing design
  • Think of the major points or problems you think are worth discussing
  • Think of the major points or problems you think people ought to know, know about, or have thought about by the end of the discussion
  • Ask questions of the class that would be interesting/engaging to discuss


Point, Line Plane pages 33-47

Rhythm and Balance pages 49-59

Texture pages 69 – 79; Annie Dillard, Seeing, Pilgrim at Tinker Creek. 1974 PDF

Color pages 80-97

Gestalt Principles pages 99-115

Framing pages

Hierarchy pages 129-139

Transparency pages 155-165

Modularity pages 167-185 –

Grid pages 187-199

Pattern Pages 201-213