Week 13 + 14 Pattern


November 22 Pattern Pages 201-213; Reading Presentation; Quiz #10; Grammar of Ornament; Book in PDF; Examples of Ornamentation; Shipibo 

Making Patterns in Illustrator; Noun Project Patterns

November 24 Happy Thanksgiving

Week 14 Pattern

November 29 Design Activity #10 Block Printing

How to: Make a stamp; Potato design; Snowflakes; Ideas 

Some Block Print examples:

Design Acvitiy: 

  1. potatoDevise a single element, such as a dot, diamond, squiggle, square or motif.
  2. Copy and repeat the element in columns or rows to make an overall pattern on a sheet of paper.Screen Shot 2016-11-29 at 12.14.10 PM.png
  3. Vary the spacing of the elements in the rows to create variation.
  4. Continue to create new variations by varying the size of the elements, by creating overlapping rows of elements, and changing the color, size, and orientation of elements.
  5. *Design Challenge:* (When finished with the above activity) Work in pairs to co-create a print where the two individual designs interact creatively. Then document what happened.screen-shot-2016-11-29-at-1-34-54-pm

  6. Write a descriptive blog post about your experience. Include  1)  5+ clear and engaging images (photographs, screenshots) or a video of your work from the day’s design related activities and 2) a 100+ word write-up, video, or sound file (think short podcast) of what you achieved (or what you were working toward) from a design thinking perspective. Use vocabulary, concepts, and ideas from the week’s material. The blog post is due Sunday by midnight.

December 1 Review for Final Video Essay

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