Knight, A., Rife, M. C., Loncharich, L., & DeVoss, D. N.  (2009). About face: Mapping our institutional presence. Computers and Composition, 26(3), 190–202.

 “About Face: Mapping Our Institutional Presence” is about strategies for designing more effective university writing program websites This piece situates writing program websites as important institutional spaces that serve as interfaces to shared values, beliefs, and practices.

In this article I worked with my co-authors to develop a three-part framework to understand how websites of United States-based writing programs craft identity and anchor their programs. The aesthetic, cultural, and institutional lenses we describe can be used by designers to both critique and create engaging digital environments that reflect the look and feel of university programs. We also analyzed the ways in which digital interfaces do and don’t mesh with what university programs say they value professionally and pedagogically.