Finally, the summer solstice was upon us. Five years ago we had met on this day at this very place on the Delaware River. I knew then that it was wholly significant that we were meeting with the sun at its highest point, the traditional feasting day for celebrating the marriage of day and night.

Even with riots and a pandemic the seasons had turned. Nature endures and brings the natural balance and beauty of the seasons into our lives.

On this long, steamy, stormy, oppressively hot, thunderous day we said our vows to each other with two witnesses present, tied a Celtic knot, and married ourselves with a self-uniting marriage license.

There’s never a dull moment.

Enormous gratitude to our friends Jim and Jen, the Black Bass Hotel, Melissa Kelly Photography, Levone Floral, The Lorelei Cake Design, and Elena Smith for helping us do what we set out to do, although much different than intended.

All Photo credits: Melissa Kelly Photography

June 20, 2020