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PUGLIA – Italy
40.8167° N, 16.5500° E

Update:: Thanks to all who participated in our spring workshops.

Original post:: My passion is to learn about cultures and customs different from my own. Like other inveterate travelers, I want to understand different approaches to life, to knowledge, to meaning making. This is about expanding our views of the world and our place in it. With each journey – we understand a little more about the ethnosphere — what anthropologist Wade Davis calls “the sum total of all the thoughts, beliefs, myths, and institutions brought into being by the human imagination.” So, our mission on this trip was to learn how food, people, and place are all connected. We wanted to celebrate the living food cultures of Puglia and the traditions and festivities that surround them. 

Picnic in Puglia

The boot heel of Italy is known for its hospitality, its ancient olive groves, its white washed villages and its deep blue Adriatic seas. The region of Puglia has a food and wine culture that remains relatively unchanged through the centuries. It’s for these reasons that my colleague Tenaya Darlington (aka Madame Fromage) and I are organizing food and storytelling workshops there this Spring. We welcome you to join us. Although we will learn to employ digital tools to chronicle the stories we encounter – we are perfectly happy if you want to use this time to unplug and leave the tech at home. 


We invite you to:

  • Stay on a working farm in Puglia

  • Make mozzarella and Pecorino

  • Apprentice a shepherd

  • Bake bread from wild yeast

  • Learn about regional wines

  • Shop the local markets

  • Taste olive oils in the field

  • Rediscover three-hour meals

This week in Italy is for everyone who loves food, culture, and travel to authentic places. We hope you join us in Puglia for an amazing week. Visit Live Cultures to reserve your spot at the table.

Seaside Table, Puglia

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All great achievements require time

I must share something from yesterday’s Digital Storytelling class. We were exploring different possibilities for documentary filmmaking.  I brought in a dozen examples of short docs to help students think about creative possibilities as they began to storyboard their own documentary projects. Of all the videos we watched, one resonated strongly with students – Amar (all great achievements require time). Students were awed and humbled by the young Amar, which led to an eye-opening, reflective, culturally sensitive, and border-crossing discussion …

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Dear makers of Dexter’s “killer breakfast” sequence, you’ve been torturing my students for weeks. The latest challenge in our Digital Storytelling course was to remake  Digital Kitchen‘s, Emmy Award winning main title “Killer Breakfast” from Showtime’s Dexter.

Although challenging to execute (there are no film majors in this course), this project undoubtedly built skills in:

  • precise video capturing and editing
  • designing shots and mood
  • creative problem solving
  • close team collaboration

We recently screened the videos – with impromptu bursts of applause, homemade chocolate chip cookies, laughter, and requests to watch them a second time. A side note: after agonizing over this project for weeks, no one ever wants to ever hear the song again.

Here are our four remakes:

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