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I’m currently teaching visual storytelling through the creation of Cinemagraphs  — photographs with a whisp of narrative. Cinemagraphs are compelling images which feature a cinematic twist through the isolated animation of multiple frames. These animated images capture a moment in time or a living portrait of a person or place.


Cinemagraphs are the animated GIF’s sophisticated cousin. My  Visual Rhetorics students had seen them all over the Internet, but had no idea how to make one themselves. To create one, students first learned to approach and compose a video shoot to convey mood and meaning. Students also learned about the basics of composition and lighting. After trimming their videos, students imported their clips to Photoshop where each video frame became a separate layer, which they then manipulated, adjusted, colored, and animated.

Although it took some effort, students loved making them.


Students in the course followed free online tutorials from Phlearn: Part 1 (video capture) and Part 2 (Photoshop editing). Spoographics and Lifehacker also have decent Cinemagraph tutorials. I’d like my students to create their own tutorial in the weeks to come.
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A Cinemagraph is an image that contains within itself a living moment that allows a glimpse of time to be experienced and preserved endlessly.

Cinemagraph NYC

I’m enthralled with these images – caught somewhere between a photograph and a video. On their portfolio site, Cinemagraphs, Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck display their captivating and somewhat eerie moving images. They’re animated gifs. And they’re beautiful.

I have to try this. My students would love to make them, I know. Could this be the first “challenge” in our upcoming Digital Storytelling course?

You can see more images on Becks’s From Me to You  Tumblr.

Zuzi, one of my favorite fashion/photography bloggers from Prague, has made her own. Could someone please share the magic recipe? Thank you.

Update: Here are a few tutorials readers have sent this way from Smashing Buzz, An Aesthetic Discourse, and Tested!

And here’s Zuzi’s tutorial recommendation. Thank you!advice for cinemagraph

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