Thankfully, Yahoo! updated their logo right in the middle of our typography unit in Visual Rhetorics.

No one seems to love the new logo. Not GiagOM, not Glenn Fleishman, not iA… Students immediately saw the problems:

  • Typography is a tool to shape content and embody language. Students couldn’t “hear” the jingle in the new logo.
  • Typography can visually amplify the narrative. Students thought the new logo communicated the message: “No fun. No innovation. No risks.”
  • Typography creates emotion, mood, and emphasis. All students felt in the new logo was “yawn.”

The treatment of typography requires careful thought. Yet, since Yahoo! spent a mere weekend on the redesign of its $10 Billion Dollar company’s logo, I decided to take about 30 minutes of class-time to contribute our own Yahoo! logos to the mix. It seemed like the thing to do. 95% of the students in class had never opened PhotoShop or Illustrator before, but that really didn’t slow them down.