Forthcoming. Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy, 1(3).

We Need to Talk: How can spaces bring people together to promote learning?

Space impacts learning. Designed spaces can encourage exploration, collaboration, and engagement Or physical spaces can say – it’s alright to check-out and go to sleep. As knowledge is socially constructed, always done together, our department seeks to design spaces that increase human contact, communication, and collaboration. This video features students and faculty teaching and learning in a multimodal production classroom.


In 2011 I built my dream classroom. In light of this miraculous event, Jentery Sayers invited me to present ideas on “Hacking the Classroom” at Computers and Writing 2012 at North Carolina State University in Raleigh. The  goal of our panel was to ignite a conversation about “Why the higher ed classroom needs to be hacked, and how might we hack it?” The panel was kindly reviewed by Crystal VanKooten on the University of Michigan Digital Rhetoric Collaborative blog here.

That day I told the audience that we need to start sharing what our classrooms look like, what we do inside them, and what technologies we use and would like to use.

I also created an infographic which illustrated three optimal designs for networked, highly-productive, learner-centered spaces. During my presentation, I told the story of how I was able to design and build one of these spaces at my institution. I then told the audience that I want to start building the other two: 1) a technology rich arena theater (based on a design from Second Life) and 2) videogame breakout room/s. 

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At the end of my talk I told the audience that I hoped to be standing in front of them next time, showing them my new classrooms.