Autumn Tasting MenuWhen P said we had an upcoming reservation at Corton, I knew we would be in for an amazing meal.

Little did I know.

All week he kept reminding me to watch the documentary A Matter of Taste, about Paul Liebrandt, the chef at Corton.

Have you watched it yet?

Not yet.

Have you watched it yet

Not yet.

Hours before our reservation he sat me down to watch the film, which details Liebrandt’s single-minded journey to chefdom. Finally, I was aware that our meal was going to be somehow more than a meal.

In fact, as we took our seats and were presented with our first “amuse bouche,” I had to just stop and stare. This was not just food. These were tiny little gemstones – exquisite objects of beauty. A little origami Mornay filled cracker, served on a miniature pedestal.

P smiled and popped the thing in his mouth.

Reluctantly, I followed suit. But I said a little prayer before I did. Have mercy on me. Knowing the kitchen staff was working 18 hours a day to create these little morsels that disappeared in a mere swallow.

Our early autumn tasting menu was a bit like discovering a new dimension to food. A new aesthetic portal. Critic William Grimes likens Paul Liebrandt to “a pianist who seems to have found a couple of dozen extra keys.”

And that was how we spent the evening.

Discovering new keys, new flavors, new textures, and new colors of food.

With Paul Liebrandt peering out from the kitchen every few minutes.

I snapped a few photos when I hoped no one was looking, in an act of both appreciation and prayer.

Autumn Tasting MenuMatsutake Marmalade | Burrata Leaf | Seckel Pear with Alba White Truffle

Scallop | Buddha’s Hand | Rose Hip Crumble | Sea Blite

Autumn Tasting MenuHay Smoked Madai | Smoked Huckleberry | Black Garlic | “Tarte Rouge”

Autumn Tasting MenuFour Story Hill Farm Guinea Hen | Ruby Red Shrimp | Red Kuri Pumpkin | Reindeer Lichen

Strawberry | Parmesan Sablé | Coriander | Lychee

Fig | Tarragon | Mast Brothers Moho River Chocolate | Fig Ice Cream

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